SERVICES Skilled Nursing

We provide skilled nursing care consists of services that must be performed by a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) under supervision of an registered nurse. Skilled home health nursing care is the provision of intermittent skilled services to a patient in the home for the purpose of restoring and maintaining his or her maximal level of function and health. Nurses provide direct care; manage, observe and evaluate a patient’s care; and teach the patient and his or her family and caregiver. These services are rendered in lieu of hospitalization, confinement in an extended care facility, or going outside of the home for the service. Our goal is to provide skilled nursing care to help improve the patient’s condition or to maintain the patient’s condition and prevent it from getting worst.


Home Health plus provides skilled nursing care which includes but not limited to:
If you qualify, then all the skilled nursing care services mentioned above are covered by Medicare and many private insurance companies. Some of the examples of patients who qualify for skilled nursing care include, but not limited to:

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